Automatic bollards are everywhere in Europe and have been for some years. It may come as no surprise then that almost all automatic bollards are manufactured in Europe with the vast majority made in Italy.

Automatic Solutions partner with "Rise" - part of the Beninca Group of companies supplying and installing their range of bollards around Australia.

Automatic bollards over the years have used a number of drive systems including hydraulic, compressed air and more recently electro mechanical. The range we bring to Australia (Rise also have hydraulic) is the electro mechanical all driven by 24 volt motors making them ideal for both solar power and battery backup installations.

Most automatic bollards are subjected to impact tests and over many years there have been numerous standards used including European, American and English but thankfully now days these tend to wrapped into one standard being the "international standard". The basic aim of these tests is to give the buyer a guide to the capabilities of the bollard in a crash test.
Click here to watch a crash test video.

Most manufacturers will manufacture at least three levels of automatic bollard. Traffic control - simply designed to control traffic with the lowest level of security. Next is the security bollard which is designed with a higher impact resistance for low to medium security installations. Finally there is the anti-terror bollard. The name speaks for itself.

Automatic bollard installation is not so much a technical challenge as much is plug and play in terms of wiring but it does require a fair amount of civil works to dig the holes.